Want to Work From Home? These Companies Pay $10-$45/Hour

It’s a lot easier nowadays to find legitimate companies that pay you to work from home. If you want to work part-time, full-time, set your own hours, or just avoid commuting, telecommuting is a great option.

Home-based business opportunities are available if you live in the U.S., travel abroad, or live internationally. If you need to make extra cash, significant advances in mobile technology have made global telecommuting jobs endless in supply.

If you embrace the work from anywhere mentality, you have the ability to explore the world while generating cash on a full-time or part-time basis.

There are thousands of opportunities available if you are seeking a full-time telecommuting position. Instead of telecommuting for a specific company, some people prefer to freelance and engage in multiple opportunities to make more money.

Check out these companies that offer work-from-home positions no matter where you live in the world.

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What you need to work from home telecommuting

Before we you begin to explore all of the global work from anywhere opportunities, let’s quickly go over the things you may need. Here is a short list of items that will help you be more successful when you seek out telecommuting work:

  • Modern desktop PC or laptop
  • Landline phone (Some remote call center jobs require this)
  • Reliable broadband internet connection
  • Durable, high-quality headset for VoIP calls
  • A PayPal account to access your funds
  • High-resolution webcam

Depending upon the companies that will hire you, it’s possible that you may not need everything on this list. Some companies may even provide you with the equipment that you need. Just keep this list in mind because having these things in place will help you maximize the total number of opportunities that come across your desk.

Let’s closely review the resources available that will help you land a work from anywhere global telecommuting job.

Directly apply for remote worker opportunities

When businesses allow their employees to work remotely, that’s less office space and infrastructure that the organization must maintain. Large international organizations are beginning to see the upside of hiring a remote workforce.

As a result, many companies have publicly posted job openings for remote employees. Forbes recently published an article detailing the top 35 companies that actively hire global telecommuters.

Scour this list to see if you’d be a good fit in any of these industries. Try to individually reach out to the companies with opportunities that sound appealing. Cross reference these job listings with reviews of the company on Glassdoor.

After all, if this is your first time performing remote work, you’ll want to be confident that the telecommuting opportunity is a good fit. Not all job listings post the salaries of these positions, so you can also use Glassdoor as a way to get a ballpark figure of what you can expect to make.

One of the world’s largest jobs websites

Work from home jobs from Indeed

One of the best ways to find global work from home opportunities is to search for telecommuting in the search bar at Indeed.

For the location, start by searching your actual location and try to find remote work opportunities that are being offered by companies in your area. You may be required to go onsite for the interview or perform training onsite. However, if your desire is to work remotely, after your initial onboarding you may be able to work from any location that you choose.

If this strategy doesn’t yield any results, go back to Indeed and change the location to “International” or “Anywhere” to find opportunities that do not require you to be a near a specific city. Indeed is becoming one of the top jobs websites worldwide.

Indeed is a great place to start if you’re looking to be hired by a mainstream corporation.

Become a global worker on a flexible schedule

Flexjobs search service for global telecommuting jobs

FlexJobs is a service that provides you with a daily list of job opportunities that do not require you to be in any one specific geographic area. You can get alerts on opportunities that match your skill sets.

FlexJobs has been in the Wall Street Journal, on NBC and in various other international news outlets. They have stood the test of time by prescreening all global telecommuting positions before offering them to their members.

As a result, FlexJobs charges its members $14.95 per month or $49.95 annually. FlexJobs stands behind its service. If you aren’t satisfied with your FlexJobs subscription, they encourage you to ask for a refund. Does it get any better than that?

FlexJobs is a highly recommend service for those who wish to work from home or abroad. Over 97% of FlexJob users reported that they were satisfied with their subscriptions to the website.

A free website for telecommuting jobs

Remove jobs and telecommuting jobs from SkipTheDrive

If you aren’t comfortable paying $14.95 per month for FlexJobs, you can try SkipTheDrive as a free alternative.

SkipTheDrive lists telecommuting opportunities from reputable companies located all around the globe. SkipTheDrive provides you with a robust method of finding and filtering job results, making it easy to find the best remote work opportunity for your situation.

The only downside to SkipTheDrive is that it does not seem to have as many job listings or job categories as FlexJobs. Many of the categories seem geared towards IT, so SkipTheDrive might prove to be a good resource for those looking to gain a remote technical support position.

Get paid to test websites, apps, and more!

Make extra money testing websites

Becoming a user testing agent is a great method to generate extra cash. UserTesting provides its members with the opportunity to make between $10 and $15 for every testing assignment that they complete. Most tests can be completed in 15–20 minutes, which works out to about $30/hour.

To qualify for these tests, you may need a microphone and a webcam. Other tests may simply require you provide feedback. These tests allow app creators, website developers and digital media specialists to get raw, unfiltered feedback from people who are testing new apps and services for the first time.

UserTesting pays you through PayPal on a weekly schedule. You may not be able to derive a full-time income from UserTesting alone, but it is possible to generate a significant amount extra cash by signing up for several companies where you can get paid to test websites.

Perform transcription or translation services

Become a transcriptionist with Rev to make extra money from home

Have you ever wondered how you could break into the transcription or translation services market?


Rev is a website that will pay you to transcribe or translate audio.

If you are a freelancer who is trying to find an opportunity that will help you monetize your downtime, Rev might be the perfect service for you. With Rev, you’ll hear audio or watch a video and get paid a specific amount for every minute of transcription services that you provide.

Some members of Rev make up to 75 cents per minute on their work. When you multiply that by 60, that turns out to be $45 an hour. Rev also pays out its members each week using PayPal.

To get started with Rev, all you need is a broadband internet connection, a PC, and speakers.


Like Rev, TranscribeMe provides those who wish to work from home or abroad with the opportunity to listen to audio and transcribe it. TranscribeMe claims to have the best payouts in the industry with each of its associates earning a minimum of $20 per audio hour.

TranscribeMe provides higher payouts to those who are transcribing legal or medical audio. Some transcriptionists earn over $2,000 per month on TranscribeMe. To gets started with TranscribeMe, you must sign up and complete a training course and pass an exam. Transcription work is sent your way once you’re approved.

The best part of TranscribeMe is that many of the projects are broken into small pieces. You can quickly make money because the short transcription projects are very short.

Start freelance writing

One of the best ways to generate income while working remotely is to begin freelance writing. If you do not have any freelance writing experience, content mills like TextBroker are great ways to sharpen your skills while getting paid upon completion.

Websites like:

give you the ability to work on your terms. Freelance writing is great because it gives you the ability to get paid on a somewhat regular schedule. You could also use social media to find new freelance writing leads.

Since freelance writing is rarely a location specific job, becoming a writer is a great way to generate additional income. Check out how to become a full-time freelancer for more details.

If you are serious about freelancing, check out Holly Johnson’s freelancing course Earn More Writing. She shows you how she grew her freelancing career from $0 to $225,000/year.

Become a virtual assistant

One of the best ways to obtain a global telecommuting job is to become a virtual assistant. When you become a virtual assistant, you can schedule your day around your tasks. Your location could prove to be an advantage.

For example, if your client lives in a different timezone, hiring a VA with your unique skill set could prove to be a profitable move since it will help the company get more work done outside of normal office hours.

Here are a few resources that will help you find a job as a virtual assistant:

Check out how to become a virtual assistant. You’ll find it’s a good starting point if you are interested in becoming a VA. Be sure to check out all of the freelance job boards to connect with companies who will require your service.

It’s possible to become a virtual assistant in 30 days or less using the skills you already have. Gina Horkey has built a course to walk you through the step-by-step process of making money as a virtual assistant.

How to get started in the gig economy

Become a freelancer or contractor on Upwork

One of the most impressive emerging industries of the 21st century is the gig economy. A study by Intuit suggests that up to 40% of the American workforce could be independent contractors by 2020.

Look all around you; it’s possible that you’ve already contributed to the gig economy. Companies like Upwork, TaskRabbit and Uber could be considered part of the gig economy. While some services in the gig economy aren’t technically telecommuting positions, these could generate some extra cash should you need to make money fast.

The emergence of the gig economy has proven one thing: People do not enjoy spending their time trapped within the confines of a cubicle. To get paid for digital gigs check out these sites.

Become an online tutor

Work from home as a tutor with Chegg

In the information age, it’s easier than ever to sharpen your skills or learn something new. Online tutoring has exploded in popularity over the past few years, giving people an opportunity to learn from the best tutors in the world.

Here are a few websites that will help you break into the world of online tutoring:

Wyzant – Ready to meet prospective students? Wyzant connects students with tutors instantly. The service provides you with the opportunity to tutor new students on a daily basis. You can build relationships or tutor students on demand. Wyzant lets you tutor students in foreign languages, math, science and more!

TutorMe – One of the most popular tutoring websites, TutorMe gives students the ability to get a high-quality education from the comfort of their home. As a tutor, you’ll be able to work wherever want. You should note that TutorMe requires you to have you a college degree to become a tutor on their website.

Chegg – Chegg provides one of the best online tutoring opportunities since there are over 1,000 topics for you to choose to teach. Chegg has no location requirements. All you need is an internet connection. Your minimal hourly rate is $20 per hour and most Chegg tutors earn over $1,000 per month.

If you have industry knowledge or a university level degree, online tutoring is a great way for you to earn extra cash from home or abroad. Best of all, you can tutor on your schedule!

Sell your training courses

Turn your skills into a course to make extra cash using Skilllshare

If online tutoring isn’t your thing, you could create prerecorded courses and list them for sale

Skillshare allows you to create your own courses and sell them to students. You’ll be paid monthly for every student who takes your classes, forever. Teachers earn an average of $3,000 a year. Top teachers make up to $40,000 a year.

Udemy lets you post your classes for sale. When someone purchases your course you’ll get paid.

Next steps

The companies listed above will give you a great place to start your global work at home search. Make sure to do your due diligence before trying any of these work-from-home companies.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. We only mention companies we would recommend to my mom – so you know we’re looking out for you too!

How To Get Started Investing

The international bestseller by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Scott Alan Turner. Choose the right accounts & investments so your money grows for you – automatically. No jargon, confusion, or pie in the sky promises. Just a proven plan that works.

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