Do you have unclaimed money waiting for you?

In 2014, a relative of mine was tracked down by eTrade, an online investment brokerage. It turns out he had an investment account with $900 in it that he had completely forgotten about.

Is there money just waiting out there for you? Finding free money is just one way to get extra money fast.

Estimated amount of unclaimed money according to Money magazine.
According to the Florida Sentinal, in Florida alone residents have $1 billion of unclaimed and forgotten money.

This is money from:

  • old employers
  • local governments
  • investment firms
  • insurance companies
  • utility companies
  • banks
  • mortgage companies

and it goes back as much as 20 years!

Is this for real?

It’s legitimate money. The owners couldn’t be located so the money goes unclaimed. The money is held in the unclaimed property division of each state.

All totalled in the U.S. there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in unclaimed money waiting to be collected by people like you.

How can I find out if I have any missing money?

It’s easy!

Visit and you can search for your name or a relatives name. Search for every state you’ve lived in to see if anything comes up.

If you have a common name like John Smith it may take you more digging to see if there is anything for you. If you have a unique name like Schwarzenegger, your search will go a little quicker.

Is this for every state?

There are a few states that don’t participate in The easiest way to find out if a state participates is to visit the website and click on the searchable map.

For those states that don’t participate you can google the state name and ‘unclaimed property’. For example ‘Georgia unclaimed property’.

Read the search instructions if you have to visit a state-specific website. On the Georgia website, you have to enter your last name first, but the web page just asks for a name. If you don’t do the search correctly you could miss out.

How much does it cost?

That’s the best part about it – using is completely free!

How much did I find?

When I finished writing this article I went through the process for the state of Texas.

Guess what? I found $100 that had gone missing! It took me about 2-minutes to fill out the claim form and print it. The money was a credit card refund/rebate that had been sent to the wrong address.

I also searched for one of my relatives. I found a $20 refund from the power company that had been unclaimed.

Try now and see what you can find. Don’t delay or you might forget! It will only take a few minutes and who knows what you could find. $10, $100, $1,000?

If you find some money please tell us about it in the comments below.

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