What If You Haven’t Saved Enough At Your Age? (CAN YOU TAKE ME HIGHER)

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How can we make smart decisions when nothing stays the same and the future is unknowable?
Will the stock market rise or fall?
Will the economy thrive or dive!
Never to late, unless someone gives up
Think about what type of lifestyle you want to have
If you know you’re behind, go ahead and make some adjustments. You’re in charge.
Keep your focus on what you can control, and understand the many things available to fine tune and big tune your future 


In This Episode / Listener Questions

  • I’m trying to figure out the best possible place for my emergency fund to grow (Mark)
  • Is a stock market crash looming and what should I do (Marzie)
  • I’m looking into buying a rental property. What mortgage requirements do I have to meet for a second home (KC)


  • RED ALERT WARNING: The wicker furniture scam.



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