The Best Things to Buy in August

It is now August in Texas and the next three days have a forecasted temperature of 106 degrees. I feel like I hear the air conditioner running all the time.

But despite the temperatures, there are plenty of good reasons to get out of the house and do some shopping. If you just can’t take the heat, get your deals online.

Here is a list of things that you should be able to buy at a discount this hot and sunny month.

Sales tax-free weekend

Sixteen states offer tax-free shopping on most goods one weekend in August. In Texas, sales tax can be over 8%, which is a nice amount to save.

States vary on what qualifies, but it’s typically back-to -school type items, clothes, or energy star products, like refrigerators or washing machines.

Find out what is happening in your state here.

A new / used car

Dealers will get next year’s car models at the end or summer or early fall. If you need a new ride, ask if the price can be reduced on this year’s model.

Remember that new cars aren’t a great deal. Dealers need to make room, so also ask about discounts on their pre-owned inventory too. Discover when the best time of the week and day to buy a car is.


Like cars, PC models come out in August, and you can get a current year model for less. Sales don’t always apply to Apple products as new Apple products typically come out in September or October, so whatever you buy this month will be cheaper and outdated in just a few weeks.

If you have a student or teacher ID, don’t forget to ask about a discount on your new computer or laptop.


I got an amazing $120 swimsuit last year at a 65%discount. You might not be swimming much past August, but look for great swimsuits now vs. buying next spring when everything will be full price.

Swimsuit shopping is best done online because stores will likely have a random collection in the clearance department. But if you’re already somewhere you like to shop, check out the swimsuit section. And you never know, maybe a last minute trip to Mexico will happen over the winter and then you’ll be ready.

Don’t forget swimwear for the kids as well since they will likely need a larger set next summer.

Water / snow equipment

It seems like anything associated with water or snow sports is always pricey. Save on a new wakeboard or ski jacket by shopping the sporting good stores in August.

Stores should have a lot of discounts on summer items:

tow ropes

and also will be bringing out winter inventory of:

thermal wear
and goggles

Sheets / storage / lighting

Many high school graduates will be prepping to go to college, and stores want their money. I was able to buy sheets, comforter, and under bed storage quite cheaply because I looked in the college gear.

It will be harder to find king sized items and the colors might trend toward the young. But if you need to outfit a guest bedroom, give a gift, or get your child ready, now is the time to buy.

Check out all the college prep section in stores. Desk lighting, book bags, office chairs and desks are priced for those who need to outfit their new dorm rooms.

Back to school items

There are also many back to school items not meant for college kids. If you need children’s clothes and your state doesn’t do a tax-free weekend, you can still find a lot of clothing discounts.

Get out there before the end of the month when things can be picked over. Regardless of if you have children, you can still stock up on paper, notebooks, notepads, pens, pencils, folders, three-ring binders or pretty much any other office supply.

Stores will also have clearance events in your area once school starts.

Don’t know when school starts? Check Facebook for all those first day of school pictures and go a little bit after that.

Home or office furniture

Similar to cars, new furniture styles are released in August. So start looking in July and August for clearance on this year’s model of couch or desk.

Office furniture also tends to offer a lot of discounts during the back to school time of year.

New furniture is also released in February. If you live somewhere where January and February don’t have terrible weather, check then too.

Outdoor furniture will also be deeply discounted at the end of summer, and since fall is usually nice weather, you can still enjoy the outdoor furniture this year.

Outdoor items

Both lawn mowers, grills, and snow blowers will be discounted at the end of summer. Your selection might be limited, but if you need to save money on these big ticket items, start watching for sales in August.

Air conditioners / dehumidifiers

You might think that air conditioning services would be so busy that prices would be high on air conditioners, but dealers also see the end of summer as the time to start clearing out inventory.

Make sure to buy the appropriately sized unit for your home. Dehumidifiers are also on sale at this time. According to Consumer Reports, the most expensive units are not even likely to be the best ones. See the Consumer Report rankings.


Major travel sites like Orbitz and publish many “Labor Day” sales much earlier than Labor Day. With school starting up in mid-to-late August, you might be able to sneak in a quick family getaway at a 10–15% discount.

Question: Have you found any great deals in August? Please leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

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