How To Budget And Still Have Fun

How to live on a budget and still have fun

A budget! It’s crippling! It’s no fun! It’s for old people! You can learn how to budget and still have fun. In fact, you can have more fun with your friends and family and still be on a budget because you will be able to enjoy your life more. It can be tough when you […]

4 Ways To Recover From a Broken Budget

4 Ways To Recover From A Broken Budget

You’ve made your budget. Then, you forgot Christmas was coming and you want to buy gifts. Your A/C or heating bill went through the roof this month. The once-a-year bill arrives for the home owner’s association dues. You went out after work to grab a diet coke with some friends, and it turned into dinner, […]

Christmas Shopping On A Budget – 9 Easy Tips

According to ABC News consumer counseling agencies see a 25 percent increase in the number of people seeking help in January and February, and most of that traffic is propelled to their doors by holiday bills that haunt consumers like the ghost of Christmas past. Christmas shopping on a budget can help. For many of us, while […]

10 Ways To Get Free Baby Diapers

Diapers are expensive, so here are 10 ways to get free baby diapers. From free samples of diapers, free diaper coupons, to free diaper programs.

4 Big Money Mistakes to Avoid

There are only four big money mistakes that will derail your financial future. If you can recognize and avoid these mistakes, you’re golden.