7 Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

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Partial Transcript

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Imagine a stress-free Christmas, a day you can relax, toss gift wrap everywhere, and rock the halls with boughs of holly.

One thing is for sure no matter what your plans are for Christmas, everyone has to deal with the stresses of the holiday week. It’s either travel, or eating plans, shopping, decorating, parties you’ll go to, or ones you’ll have to say no to.

We are traveling overseas for the first time for Christmas. Last year was a trial run, we went to Colorado with some friends and my mother-in-law. This time it’s to Switzerland. Katie has probably put in 20+ hours on the transportation from the airport to the hotel. Everyone that’s traveled to any vacation knows you have to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

Add in twin five year olds, after a 15 hour day in airports and on a plane, with winter-time luggage. That’s why we aren’t taking a four hour train ride to the hotel.

She did the best we could, I’ve got a temporary international drivers license, and thankfully the Swiss drive on the same side of the road we do. I can drive a stick shift, but I don’t think I could with everything on the opposite side of the car.

It reminds me when we lived with the in-laws in East Texas. Every time we traveled to see my mom it was a 2-hour ride to the airport. A four hour flight. Then another 1.5 hours to get to my hometown. It makes for a long day.

Listen, you’re awesome, you deserve to have a stress free Christmas, and you probably know all this stuff already.

Given the choice of not planning and having added stress in eight weeks, or doing a little planning and having less stress, which seems better to you?

Here’s some tips you can do quickly:

1. Shop today

Yes, shop right now. Or tonight when you’re watching TV.

I love Etsy as a great source of unique gifts that you can’t find on Amazon. And because the gifts are unique, the person who receives the gift knows you put more thought into the present compared to grabbing the Duck Commander camouflage survival kit at the Walmart checkout line.

But Etsy gifts don’t arrive the same day or with two-day Amazon Prime shipping. You have to order now and it will arrive in 1-2 weeks.

2. Shop at off times

I was at Costco on Saturday morning at 9:30 am when they first opened. Everyone that’s been grocery shopping on a Saturday knows what a madhouse the stores are. Yet it was like being in an alternate universe because the store and parking lot were almost empty.

  • If you shop on the weekends – go early when a store first opens.
  • If you shop during the workday, take an early or late lunch break to avoid the rush.
  • If you shop after work, wait until after 8 pm when everyone else is at home.

3. Do a little each day

After you’ve made your Christmas list, start buying gifts each day instead of eight hours on December 23rd.

4. Take time for yourself

A lot of stress comes from scheduling things back to back to back to back and running yourself ragged.

Put the trip to the nail salon on the calendar with your BFFs or family.

Block out a time you’re going to go play golf or go to the shooting range. Go shoot stuff!

5. Go on a date

Spending an hour with a significant other (without anyone else around) during the hectic holiday week is important to a healthy relationship. All strong relationships have built into the schedule a ‘date night’.

Spice it up by impersonating someone else and then getting chased by mobsters like Steve Cares and Tina Fey did in the movie Date Night.

6. Play with the kids

You’re going to love this one. I have a really amazing game for you to get. We played it this weekend with the twins. It’s great for adults too. The game is called Spot It.

You would kick my butt at this game. It’s very inexpensive, a lot of fun, and you can carry it in your pocket or backpack.

7. Quality over quantity

  • 1-2 amazing experiences
  • 2-3 thoughtful gifts
  • 1-2 great meals eating out

Would you agree, any or all of those are going to make Christmas a little less stressful?

Water Cooler Conversation

Scott gives you Water Cooler Conversations every show that let you talk about money, business, and life in a simple, easy, non-judgy manner.

You: Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Them: No, I do mine the week before.
You: With all the stress of the crowds, family, and last minute gift buying what do you do to relax during the holidays?

Action Item

Is this the year you’re going to choose to have a stress-free Christmas. It doesn’t have to be low-key, but it can be stress free. To get there you have to start thinking about it now, setting the schedule, get the gifts ordered, figure out the Christmas budget, what are we going to eat, have you added Turner to your Christmas card list yet?

He likes those $0.99 ones from Walmart with the mice on them.

Order online, one present today that you know you need to buy. Simple right?

DO NOT under any circumstances order the Auroma Coffee Maker. It’s a scam and doesn’t exist.



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