416 Understanding Your Employer Match So You Don’t Lose Money

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Scott shares why boundaries are important to achieving your money and life goals.

  • Linda has a new job and asks about her 410(k) plan and how the employer match works.
  • Plumbers (yes, plumbers) are the latest hot job, and they are being offered $5,000 signing bonuses.
  • Sharan is a Junior at the University of Texas and asks how she can afford to go to law school.
  • A former FBI agent shares some tips to protect your identity and the money in your bank accounts.
  • Clown around for $100/hour
  • Red alert warning on scratch and no win tickets from car dealers.
  • Politicians who can’t manage their own finances would love to manage yours.
  • Mike and his wife paid off $12,000 of debt in 10 months!

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