403 Ryan Is 23, Should He Consider Buying A House?

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  • Scott rants on the marketing tactics of Wall Street trying to get more of your money.
  • Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) is 23 years old and figuring out how to best save for a house down payment while paying high rent.
  • Shalonda (Illinois) is relocating to Tennessee soon and trying to find a new job while she’s unemployed.
  • Laura has her rental home broken into and the Simpli Safe security system stolen.
  • Amanda works full time and has two young boys. She and her husband ask for suggestions on how to make extra money while working full time.
  • Lisa is struggling with credit cards bills and asks how to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.
  • A red alert warning about business scams.
  • If you’re not saving enough to help your family, you might be interested in having granny live in the backyard.
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