399 Best Ways For Teens To Get Started In Their Financial Future

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  • Mimi is a high school math teacher and asks for the best ways for 17-year olds to start their financial future.
  • Real life car leasing – a story of why the residual value on a lease can come back to bite you.
  • Dave (Dallas, TX) is funding six 529 plans for grandkids and wonders why Vanguard’s website points people to the Nevada plan. Scott went with the Utah plan for it’s low costs.
  • Pet related tax deductions.
  • Renee (Monroe, OH) asks about the Costco brand of memory foam mattress Scott prefers.
  • Pari has a follow up question on medical bills gone into debt collection and ow to get them taken care of.
  • New ways to make money – crafting a cactus.
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