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384 Are You Living The Life You Can Afford?

By Scott Alan Turner

Mar 14

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  • Where does your paycheck go and how long does it last? See how your spending compares to others.
  • Choosing a lifestyle is important, and simple. It all comes down to choosing what you can afford. The big question is what can you afford?
  • Katie shares how you can use Task Rabbit to find help – and make a little extra money on the side.
  • Bernetta asks how do you cut the costs on debt and get it paid off without it being so over whelming.
  • Another pump and dump scam with penny stocks has been busted.
  • Surprise 3-day weekend trips from Pack Up + Go.
  • Dan (Australia) is age 61 and just lost his job. He has little retirement savings and asks for some guidance.
  • Have you heard of surprise vacations?

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