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376 Should Mike Sell His Truck Before He Deploys?

By Scott Alan Turner

Feb 23

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  • Mike (San Antonio, TX) is deploying to Korea for a year and asks if he should sell his truck to get rid of the payment, knowing he’ll need to buy a new one when he returns.
  • There is a new IRS tax refund scam to be aware. Protect yourself and your elders!
  • Curtis has $4,500 in vintage cash and isn’t sure what he should do with it.
  • Dan convinced his parents to get some professional advice for their retirement planning. Learn how you can make sure your parents have enough money for life.
  • The blind bad figures out how to beat the market in a span of 10 seconds. You won’t want to miss this!
  • What is mailbox money and why should you get some?
  • Eric was approached about purchasing indexed universal life and wonders if it’s a good idea.
  • Katie gets some advice on buying multi-family housing.
  • Have you tried figuring out how your investments would look if you had bought them years ago?

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