369 Jess Asks Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund? - Get Out of Debt, Save More Money, and Retire Early | Scott Alan Turner

369 Jess Asks Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund?

By Scott Alan Turner

Feb 07

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  • Jess (New York) is getting ready to close on her first rental property and asks about investing some of her emergency fund in stocks.
  • Jason would like tips on where to buy life and disability insurance.
  • Quicken Basic for budgeting won’t cut it for your reporting needs.
  • JT is 24 and wants to build his credit history to get a home. He asks if paying rent to his parents without a lease will hurt his chances.
  • Travel hacks to get discounted flying upgrades.
  • Jennie owes the government $37,000 because her ex husband wasn’t paying taxes, and she asks what she can do.
  • How’s that bitcoin investment treating you?

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