366 How To Escape To A Better Neighborhood - Get Out of Debt, Save More Money, and Retire Early | Scott Alan Turner

366 How To Escape To A Better Neighborhood

By Scott Alan Turner

Jan 31

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  • Payday lenders are getting a pass thanks to the dismantling of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Your retirement plan will be dismantled next.
  • Alan (Baraboo, WI) is trying to decide who to name as beneficiaries on his life insurance and pension.
  • Gabriel is in her 30’s and needs help understanding how to balance spending with unexpected events.
  • Dan is 16 and trying to use his money effectively.
  • Tiarra (Detroit, MI) hates where she lives and wants a better life for her husband and their four kids.
  • Beam is a new savings account with a whopping 5% interest rate. Scott investigates if it’s for reals.

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