362 How To Celebrate Yap-entine’s Day

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  • Creative and budget friendly ideas for things to do on a date night, with your kids, or friends. Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.
  • Sebastian is a high school senior, bored with school, and not sure what he wants to do.
  • Hammer Time has a money saving tip for tax prep.
  • Deanna the Dog Walker has a 2018 update.
  • Susan is 62 and owes some debts to the Bank of Evil but can’t pay them. They aren’t willing to help her and she asks what she should do.
  • Janus (anonymous) is a teacher with $178,000 in combined debt, no retirement savings, and asks for guidance in her situation because the debt has affected her health.
  • A unique way to potentially make money with seat options (no, not those options trading thingys).
  • Some positive fallout from the new tax code.
  • Onimole (Ashland, OH) has a seriously ill father and asks how he can afford $17,000 a year for college.

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