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359 Can Icheb Back Out Of An Insurance Contract He Just

By Scott Alan Turner

Jan 15

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  • Icheb gets asked by a friend to attend an retirement planning meeting and gets pitched on a whole life policy. What does he need to know before making a decision?
  • Melissa (Takoma, WA) and her husband are 24, and working on their plan for FIRE. She asks for some tips on where to allocate their resources to hit their 8-10 year plan.
  • DJ asks how to put money away for his daughter that can’t be touched and she can’t blow.
  • Nicole purchased a parka from Iceland and now it’s falling apart. Customer no-service is no help, so she asks how to get a refund/replacement for her purchase.
  • Employees at discount brokers are doing not-so-discounty things.
  • The Swedish chef pays off $42,000 in debt.

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