324 Risky Business

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  • Most people are more concerned with paying off debt, saving, and investing when there is something lurking in the shadows that could derail everything. Are you aware of the holes that could destroy your lifestyle?
  • Jaime’s 81-year-old mother just sold her home and moved into assisted living. The costs are $4,000 a month and Jamie asks what they should do with the money from the sale of the house.
  • Brian is 32-years-old and wonders if now is the time to sit out of the market since it’s been running high for so long.
  • Sheila (Orlando, FL) doesn’t have enough money to handle bills, two kids, and paying down past debts. She asks for help on sticking to a budget.
  • Are good investors really that good or just lucky? Scott proves what some perceive as brilliance is just luck.
  • Why mistakes are important and you should be happy for them.
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