321 Money A to Z – My New Book!

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  • I’ve written a book for children to help them learn about money! Find out how you can support the book.
  • How your default behavior can help you build wealth.
  • Tips for making this Thanksgiving with your family a pleasant one.
  • The financial pied pipers are at it again trying to look brilliant with their cover-every-scenario advice.
  • Katie gives an update on her rental home empire.
  • The Bouqs service responds to Scott’s bad flower experience. Find out how/if they made things right.
  • Lucy is behind on her bills while working on her GED and applying for college.
  • Rent the Runway now offers a subscription service for women to look nice while borrowing clothes.
  • Dr. J is contributing 17% to his 457 plan and asks if it’s better to stop contributing to pay off his consumer debt.
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