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  • The fight is on to protect and destroy payday lending. Hear the stories of the players, the customers, and how it will touch all of our lives.
  • Manuel (Orlando, FL) is currently in a low tax bracket and asks if tax loss harvesting would be beneficial or not to investing?
  • A resource so you never forget flower delivery again!
  • Andrew (parts unknown) is thinking about going to college and asks what if he chooses the wrong school or he finds out college isn’t for him?
  • Lonestar (Wyndham, ME) and his wife are both 45. They have a $175k mortgage and ask about using retirement and emergency funds to pay off or down the mortgage.
  • Lulu has a brother in jail. She has power of attorney and control over his $95k 401(k) and asks how best to handle the money until he is released.
  • Matheus has an invention but isn’t sure on how to go about finding the right pricing since it’s a new market.
  • How just showing up can get you through a difficult time.

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