311 Recipe for Retirement Disaster - Get Out of Debt, Save More Money, and Retire Early | Scott Alan Turner

311 Recipe for Retirement Disaster

By Scott Alan Turner

Sep 25

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Topics and your questions answered on the show

  • The majority of people are prioritizing spending over saving for retirement. What does this situation mean to you or the people you know approaching retirement, and what can you do to make sure you have an awesome retirement?
  • Priscilla is 30, self-employed, and has questions on which investing accounts to pick.
  • Amazon Prime now includes free music (ok, this is old but have you tried it out?)
  • Ashley (Sterling Heights, MI) is heading to graduate school and asks about her investing options from her employer’s 401(k) to getting into real estate.
  • Steffani has maxed out credit cards and asks how to say no to spending.
  • Shocking retirement saving stats

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