309 The Immortals

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  • Windbag Turner couldn’t finish his points on staying young and fancy free in a previous show, so we continue on in part two of how to stay young forever.
  • Francis (Upstate, NY) has some feedback to share on her experience with credit freezes.
  • Do you know about all the extra benefits your bank offers?
  • Star Lord (Colorado, Earth) asks where to park money for six years while saving up for a house.
  • Tayyab inquires about my investing results in an attempt to make his own investing decision.
  • Discover another important way to protect your identity.
  • Are you overly worried about what people think about you?
  • Marianne (Seattle, WA) has a large amount of equity in her home from the housing market recovery and asks if she should sell while the getting is good.
  • Overcoming your demons.

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