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  • Throw common sense away! It’s time to get our investing advice from celebrities.
  • Tyrone (San Francisco, CA) is getting some financial gifts to purchase a home and wonders if the gift givers will be hit with Federal gift taxes.
  • Jimmy (Phoenix, AZ) has an offer for a lump sum payment of his $21k pension and asks if he should take it.
  • Cell phone savings with Consumer Cellular
  • Ric (San Antonio, TX) asks if moving funds from a 529 plan to a Roth IRA makes sense to pay for college and have more flexibility.
  • Nick contributes 20% to his employer’s retirement plan and asks if the distribution between tax-free-growth and tax-deferred-growth is appropriate.
  • Herb (Dallas, TX) has some restricted stock units he gets as part of his bonus and asks if he should hang on to them or diversify.
  • Quote of the day from Seth Buechley
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