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303 Money Savings of The Future – Today!

By Scott Alan Turner

Sep 06

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Topics and your questions answered on the show

  • Tax hacks revisited to save you money in the future.
  • Troy (Philippines) has three whole life insurance policies and asks if he can change them to term life.
  • Diane (Ontario, Canada) is 52-years-young and asks about downsizing and moving into a mobile home in a trailer park to pay off debt and start saving.
  • Travel Hack – How to fly to Europe or Asia for less.
  • Seth (Birmingham, Alabama) is a recent graduate who is looking for feedback on his savings strategy of putting money into a Roth 401(k) or a Roth IRA.
  • Brennan (American living in China) is 25, has $10,000 to invest and is trying to decide what set-it-and-forget-it method is best for him.
  • Sunshine and her husband are debt free and have a $2M net worth.

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