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  • Sure, Colonel Sanders built a fried chicken empire starting at age 65. But what can a 90 year old learn from a 20 year old about success? What can a 20 year old learn from a 90 year old about success?
  • Akorem (anonymous) is running the math between a 15 year and 30 year mortgage and wonders which is better financially.
  • (Not A) Sharp dressed man – where can you get a good-looking, cheap suit?
  • Martin’s friend has started Forex trading and Martin wonder’s if it’s too good to be true.
  • Chris (Charlotte, NC) and his wife paid off $79k of debt in 2 years and now wonder where to put the money that was going towards debt payoff.
  • Nikolas saved 500 Euro with the Save $1,000 in 1-week challenge.
  • Shanna stars a side business and gets her first paid assignment after a little more than a month in business!
  • Quote of the day from David Lee Roth.
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