277 179% Richer Than Average - Get Out of Debt, Save More Money, and Retire Early | Scott Alan Turner

277 179% Richer Than Average

By Scott Alan Turner

Jul 12

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  • Maybe you have decided to buy into the get rich slowly savings philosophy. But is there a way to supercharge your savings and be better than average?
  • Chell (New York) is 40 making $40k and asks how to finance her dreams of opening a business on an island and providing free education to children.
  • Amazon is winning – at your expense. Find out how.
  • Kevin has two young boys and is interested in opening custodial accounts for them. He asks what type of account he should consider.
  • Cynthia has a way to make money that if you ignore you will repent!
  • Scott shares the next hot stock tip nobody else is aware of.
  • Alexis is 32 years old, married with kids, and deciding on how best to tackle $50k in student loans and two car payments.

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