270 Super Freak – The Role of Control

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  • Decisions, decisions, decisions. What’s it really take to control your finances? Scott shares how to use your inner control freak to get stuff done.
  • Isaac asks about good investment funds for Roth IRAs.
  • Sarah (Facebook group) wants to increase her credit score without going into debt.
  • Jane (Boston, MA) is 25, has $90,000 in cash and wants to know where to put it and get good returns with low risk.
  • Peppy has four kids and can’t save money.
  • Where to invest now? A look into the crystal ball of one of the major news rags and why you should continue to ignore the media.
  • Aletta is on disability and a limited income and asks how to achieve financial freedom.
  • App for getting more tax deductions.
  • Linda (Bergen County, NJ) is 56 years of age, on disability and needs financial help.
  • Starbuck (Cylon occupied Caprica City) is 35, has a variety of investment accounts and asks about how to manage them.

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