267 Does Chocolate Milk Come From Chocolate Cows?

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  • Scott looks at how some of our perceptions of people and things are not based in reality, and how it those beliefs can cost you money.
  • Diane has open enrollment with her employer and asks about a new option called a Collective Investment Trust.
  • Have you turned over control of your HSA?
  • How you can save money on out of pocket medical expenses.
  • How does your emergency fund stack up to the crowd?
  • James is 39 years old and asks for a review of his financial goals.
  • DJ (Cali) shares his experience – and warns others- about deferred interest on the payment for a replacement roof.
  • Mara is living in chronic pain, makes $900/month and needs guidance to get ahead.
  • Jason asks about the Robin Hood app for long term investing.

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