262 Rage Against The Machine

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  • Scott goes undercover to research a new investment opportunity that is making the rounds on the Internet. Is it legit and can you make money?
  • Naomi and her husband make a combined $200k/year and will receive pensions when they retire. She asks if she needs to contribute more towards her 401(k) savings and if so, how much.
  • Adam has lousy investment options in his company retirement plan and asks how best to maximize his hard work.
  • Peter is blowing up his budget by buying magic cards and needs some help with a spending plan.
  • Mo has a lot of company stock that is doing well but knows letting it ride may result in crashing and burning. She asks for advice on diversification.
  • Cherene’s husband will be starting a job in six months and get access to a 401(k). She asks if she can start investing now and roll the money into the employer’s 401(k) plan.

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