261 What Do You Do After You Reach A Big Goal?

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  • Debt, saving, investing, paying off the house. What can you learn from the things you’ve already accomplished and how can you use those lessons for your future?
  • Silva (Texas) and her husband are in their 30’s, make $150k/year and have high interest student loans totaling $155k. She is concerned about not investing while paying off the debts and asks for guidance.
  • This problem is keeping most Americans awake at night.
  • Ashley is 30 years old and looking to start investing in her employer’s retirement plan and has a question on the fund fees.
  • If you retire later will you die earlier?
  • Jorge is selling a rental property and will have enough cash to pay off his primary residence. He asks about his plan considering he has a car loan, no retirement savings, and wants to save for his kids college.
  • Oscar asks about his employer’s retirement options and which ones he should pick.
  • Brianna (NH) shares her story on what she’s learned about money growing up.
  • Quote of the day from Grandma Moses.

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