259 Is Managing Your Money the Secret to a Happier Home?

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  • What are the three ingredients to decreasing money arguments at home (and increasing your happiness)?
  • Did you know honey gives hope? How one company is making a difference globally.
  • Mary hates her job and wants to work less and spend more time with her family. She is looking for advice on how to make the leap from the corporate grind.
  • Computer is looking to get into the financial services field and wonders if the job interview they received is legit.
  • Curt has $500,000 in combined debt, works two jobs, and is interested in getting started investing.
  • Sarah just signed up to work with a Ferengi investment company and asks if she made a wise choice.
  • Bron is in her mid 40’s, owns nothing, is in debt, and is about to give up. She reaches out to get out of the dead end she’s at.
  • Nicholas shares a tip on how to save money on an engagement ring.
  • Quote of the day from Sheryl Sandberg

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