258 Smells Like Teen Spirit – Estate Planning Nirvana

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  • The Kurt Cobain estate has an estimated value of $450M, and there were many legal battles to get a piece of that pie. Scott covers what you need to know for DIY estate planning.
  • Susan has a high interest student loan and wants advice on if taking out a 401(k) loan is a good idea to pay it off.
  • Ludie is a broke college student who can’t find money to fix the car and asks for help.
  • T$ (Seattle, WA) has several retirement accounts from past employers as well as personal investing accounts and wants to if he should move them.
  • Alex had to drop out of school because of a death in the family and is trying to figure out how to deal with student loan debt and the house he inherited.
  • Joe (Wisconsin) has $70,000 in equity from his current house, $6,000/month after-tax take-home and asks how much his next mortgage should be.
  • 5 Best Countries for Affordable Health Care in Retirement.
  • Abrar will be returning to India from the U.S. in 5-7 years and asks about saving for retirement vs. saving to start a business.

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