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255 Silly Ways We Spend Too Much On Vacation (And How To Save)

By Scott Alan Turner

Jun 05

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  • Summertime is coming up and many people will be hitting the road for the family vacation. Discover how to have an awesome time while keeping more of your hard-earned money.
  • A 95-year-old grandma managing a 36-unit apartment complex handles evictions by being polite, but firm.
  • Chewbacca (Asheville, NC) is maxing out his retirement accounts and is deciding between paying off his house in the next five years or putting more money towards investing.
  • Matt (Montana) has a business idea and plan he needs some direction with to get off the ground.
  • Daniel is working full-time and a part-time job to get out of debt but is getting drained and asks how to get out of the hole.
  • David has a problem teaching his son to take control of his finances and wonders what to do.
  • JV is taking control of his 403(b) and trying to decide how to select the best investments.
  • Nate is 36 years old and ready to get back into the investing game but isn’t sure if the market is overpriced.
  • Ann has a 20-year mortgage and is deciding between paying it off now or waiting another five years before she retires.
  • Shane asks if storing an emergency fund in a Roth IRA money market account is a great idea.

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