251 How Did Debt Become A Way of Life – A History (Boo!) Lesson

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  • Your past successes and mistakes hold a lot of valuable lessons to learn from and help you make more informed decisions about your future. But have you ever asked yourself how did our society as a whole become so comfortable with having no savings and making debt normal? Scott takes you on a trip back in time to how we got to where we’re at.
  • May Challenge – Reinvent your stock replies.
  • Becky (TX) is a teacher with a bad 403(b) plan and wonders where to invest her money for retirement.
  • Melissa (CO) is 24-years-old and getting a new job. She asks about how to maximize tax savings on a salary/commission income.
  • Loren (Grey Eagle, MN) is 40 years old and needs help deciding between two options for health care benefits she won’t collect on until retirement.
  • Abrar (Phoenix, AZ) is 26 years old and will be moving back to India in 5-7 years. He asks how best to manage his finances so he can start a business later.

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