250 How Much Money Can Discontentment Really Cost You?

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  • Do you know the opportunity cost of the things you buy? The decision isn’t about to buy or not to buy a $5 coffee or making more money. It’s about how you can create the type of financial awareness so you can achieve your dreams.
  • Sharon is 57 and lost all of her money to a fraudulent investor and needs help rebuilding her life.
  • Theopolina (Rexburg, ID) asks how to build wealth slowly and not get rich fast.
  • Shane asks why are people recommending robo-advisors when the data disagrees?
  • Apollo starts his financial journey and shares the first step his family has taken towards financial security.
  • How will your employer-sponsored retirement plan protect itself from being sued by the employees?
  • Did you know you can be wealthy without money?

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