239 Will You Be The Victim Of This Fraud Or Be Protected?

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  • Shelly’s grandfather was the victim of $60,000 in fraud by someone they trusted. You’ll want to hear this incredible story of how the thieves operated and escaped and what could have possibly be done to stop it from happening.
  • James asks how to control reckless spending and blowing all his paycheck.
  • Gia is 17-years-old and is deciding between paying $30,000 a year for college or taking a gap year to establish residency in another state to pay in-state tuition.
  • Marty (Hill Valley, CA) has an advisor recommending ETFs over mutual funds. What is the better investment option?
  • Jennifer (Biloxi, MS) has a son heading to college and asks about co-signing a credit car
  • Should an 18-year-old get term or whole life insurance?
  • Did you get a tax refund or a tax bill this year?
  • The Millionaire Next Door – Karan (age 29) and Trishla (age 27) share how they got to $1M.

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