217 Jobs That Pay Over $50,000/Year Without A Degree

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  • You may have been brought up thinking a college degree was the path to building wealth. Scott shares some of the many jobs that don’t require a degree. Plus how one teacher made $4 million/year tutoring others in English.
  • Warren Buffet’s latest comments on how the common person should invest.
  • Justin has $30,000 in a 401(k) to rollover and asks how to minimize the tax hit on with a Roth conversion.
  • Anonymous asks about investing if you only get paid enough to make ends meet.
  • Scott calls out more idiots using fake math to line their pockets (and empty yours).
  • Jared (La La Land, CA) works for the film industry and has 50% of his income going towards rent. He asks how to get out of debt if you have capped income and high rent.
  • Karin switched from Acorns to Betterment and wants help understanding how to stay on track with her investments.
  • Petra gets a win by using a bonus to pay off credit card debt.
  • Quote of the day from Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

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