216 Graduating High-School At Age 21 To Becoming A Millionaire

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  • Scott tells the store of a man held back in school three times, graduating high-school at age 21, who stuttered, had epilepsy, and still went on to grow a multi-million dollar business.
  • Steal my business: Scott shares a business idea you can have.
  • Humberto gives us an update on his financial situation and asks about target date funds.
  • Lesego is failing at saving money and needs financial advice to improve the situation.
  • Mark is 27, lives with his parents, earns $42,000/year and asks about the best way to pay off his debts.
  • Grace (Canada) has a 13-year old with autism and wants to know the best way to invest to provide for her son later in life.
  • Teal’c (Chulak) is unloading expensive toys and wonders about paying off a boat with cash makes sense.
  • Dianne is 52 and an empty-nester and wonders if she should sell her house.
  • Marc (Michigan) is leaving his job and looking for advice on how to find his next thing.
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