215 How Buying Based On Price Can Cost You More Money

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  • Scott explains how price and cost are different and how you can apply that knowledge to purchases, asking for a raise, hiring people, or making more sales.
  • Megan’s husband received some stock options and they have several questions on how they work.
  • Justin needs help finding good people to grow his business.
  • Samin is struggling with making payments to creditors due to a job loss.
  • Krista just graduated college and asks for some budgeting tips.
  • Lael is deciding between debt consolidation or using the debt avalanche to pay off debts.
  • Red alert warning: A financial advisor rips off an unsuspecting customer for $1,500 of her hard earned money.
  • Three quick debt success stories of people who decided to ask for help.
  • Quote of the day from H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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