209 How I Saved $1 Million

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  • Five 401(k) millionaires share their not-so-secret strategies to reaching the $1 million milestone. They range in age from 49-64.
  • Jason asks if he has a credit freeze will Credit Karma still be able to monitor my credit?
  • Tracie is looking for healthcare options if you can’t get medicare.
  • One tip to help raise your savings.
  • Dave asks if ETFs or mutual funds are better for a three fund portfolio.
  • Michael says you cannot take a principal only withdrawal from a Roth IRA and not get hit with a penalty. Is he correct?
  • Ann asks how to get her husband on board with the plan.
  • Twitter – What are my thoughts on the six month emergency fund?
  • Tasha (Columbus, OH) and her husband paid off $19,000 in four months to become debt free!
  • Quote of the day from Jean Luc Picard.

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