202 What Is Happiness?

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  • Scott breaks down what it is we all seek, and how we base our decisions on where to spend our money and time. By understanding our values and the values of others you can make better decisions.
  • Lena (Wheeling, IL) paid off $10,500 in credit card debt!
  • The future of bacon.
  • Rob is $200,000 in debt and desperate to get a budget going.
  • Pawan (Kansas) asks if Trade King is a legitimate company to use to start an ESA.
  • Brandon has a Roth IRA and is interested in making the most money with his investment choices.
  • Cullen (East Windsor, NJ) wants to retire early at age 44 and is trying to figure out how much non-retirement money will be needed before age 59 1/2.
  • Dave (Fairfax County, VA) is figuring out the best mix of taxable vs. tax-free investments.

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