199 The Matrix (of Learning)

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  • The four stages of becoming wicked awesome at anything, including your finances, health, or a musical instrument.
  • Adrienne (Telluride, CO) received an inheritance and wants to know where to put it.
  • Samantha (Anaheim, CA) wants to help her parents with their money.
  • Yep, I called Dow 20,000. I’m officially a genius.
  • A book everyone starting a business should own to save money and grow a profitable business.
  • Steve’s car died and he’s trying to figure out where to get a low-mileage, low-cost used vehicle.
  • Shari (Kenosha, Wisconsin) asks about putting 10% down on a house.
  • Time for the February challenge.
  • What website can you use to rent anything you own to make money?

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