From Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck To Getting Rich

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Partial Transcript

[The following is a partial transcript of this episode of The Scott Alan Turner Show. Listen to the full episode to hear this story, listener questions, money hacks, and inspiring stories of people that are changing their financial lives. Subscribe to the free podcast on iTunes or Google Play]

Quotes from this story come from CNBC.

53 year old Jen Sincero went from making $28,000 a year, broke, with zero savings eight years ago to being a multi millionaire today. That’s worth repeating:

53 year old Jen Sincero went from making $28,000 a year, broke, with zero savings eight years ago to being a multi millionaire today.

And it all changed when she changed her mind. Or more specifically, her mindset.

Listen to this, because this is something a lot of people struggle with – she had a fear and loathing of money.

I believe a lot of people have this bad relationship with money. There’s lots of reasons

  • they think they don’t deserve it
  • they grew up without money and don’t believe they can get it
  • they believe more money causes more problems
  • they just do things that sabotage themselves when they start to get a little success

It’s kinda like being in a bad relationship. I’ve had bad girlfriends and I think why in the world did I stay with that person as long as I did? And it was just fear. Afraid of losing what I knew, as bad as it was, for something I didn’t know – back to being alone and single. But when people move away or move on, they often find the love of their life.

Sometimes the barriers to a better life are the fences we put up ourselves.

Ask yourself – do you say

  • I deserve to have a great job
  • I give myself permission to blow some money once in a while
  • I’m worthy of a big net worth

Don’t worry, we’re not going to do affirmations here where you stand up and yell ‘I’m worthy of a big net worth!’. If you want to do that on your own time, please do. Permission granted.

And don’t worry if you’ve held yourself back in the past. Roll out the red carpet, because now that you’ve seen that, you’re a freaking rockstar, go snag your award.

Jen said

I went about it the same way you would if you were losing weight. You wouldn’t fill your house with crappy, fattening food, you wouldn’t hang out with lazy people — you’d get your butt to the gym, you’d buy workout gear, you’d eat healthy food, you’d hang out with people who are in that mode.

Think about what she is saying there.

To shed pounds, to get shredded, you have to cut things out of your life. Trim the fat. Eat different. Think different. Build different habits. Hang out with different people.

To build up wealth, you have to cut things out of your life too. Trim the wasteful spending. Buy different. Save different. Think different. Work different. Have a different attitude.

Build different money habits. Hang out with people that will build you up and not tear you down. Hang around with believers, not the negative nellies. They are just noise. Tune them out.

Follow the habits of people that are winning with money.

If someone is looking to complete a marathon, they get advice from marathon runners. Not from golfers, right?

People’s thoughts, friends, activities, stuff – those things people surround themselves with has a huge influence on not just their outlook in life but their outcome in life.

If if wasn’t making me money, I wasn’t interested in it. And I really worked hard and focused on all the things that I knew would increase my income.

This was me early on, but it was never about making money. I got to where I just wanted interested in spending any money after I went through the financial set backs. And that frugality kept me hard at work. The by product was increased savings and increased income.

So there is some balance in there each person has to find for themselves.

If you’re wondering, she became a success coach and a best selling author to get turned around so quickly. Some people will discount the ability to have success because of the path she took.

But isn’t that what she was getting at the whole time? It’s someone’s mindset that holds them back from what they deserve.

You have permission to be more, earn more and thrive more, so you can live more and give more.

The pie is huge, go get a slice!

Is it easy, no.
Is it quick, no.
Is it for 20-somethings only, no.
Is it just for engineers, no.
Is it possible, yes.

Jen says the result was

driving a new car and buying the toilet paper I want to buy and the toothpaste I want to buy and traveling first class and giving a ton of money away and treating the people I love to stuff. It feels really nice.


From Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck To Getting Rich From Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck To Getting Rich

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From Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck To Getting Rich

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