My Last Monthly Published Blog Income – $40,560.20

I decided to get into personal finance to help others with their money and avoid the mistakes I had made in the past. I had visions of writing books, speaking, building online courses, creating software, and maybe even starting a financial services company.

During that process, I’ve managed to build this amazing website that earns money.

The links below are those reports to the present. I hope you find them inspirational and helpful. You might be wondering:

Why would anyone share their online income?

There are a lot of people doing business online that share their monthly income reports. How come?

To show you can do it

There is nothing special or unique about me. Earning money online takes time. So, don’t look at my income numbers and think, “I could never do that.” What you should be thinking is

I can do that.

To inspire you to greater things

I haven’t had a corporate job since 2003. With my online companies, I’ve been able to travel the world, avoid commuting, watch my toddlers grow up, even take an entire year off just to play the guitar.

I can appreciate people who love working for someone else and just being able to clock in and out. But even if you don’t want to be your own boss, starting a side hustle can lead you to financial freedom a lot sooner than you think.

There are lots of ways to earn money online, and through these income reports, I hope to reveal how to do it.

The point is to share that amazing success and growth is possible. The key is to put in the time and effort and using efficient and effective strategies.

My January 2017 income report will be my last published report. I’ve explained why inside the report.

I hope you find them inspiring!





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