If Steve Vai Has Bees, Then I’m Having Bees.

Have you ever done something just because one of your idols or a celebrity has? That’s how I became a beekeeper.

In 2009, I attended a four-day master class put on by Grammy winning guitarist Steve Vai. Vai is one of my favorite guitar players.  He is regarded as one of the best guitarists ever.

During the event, he casually mentioned to the forty attendees that he was a beekeeper.

And it stuck with me.

Now, I finally have some bees. All because six years ago a guitarist I love said he had some bees.

At least he didn’t say he was learning how to swallow swords or base jump.

These are the hives I assembled and stained. I liked the look of the natural wood.

It’s been just five days, but the bees seem to be liking their new home. I was watching them today and they were coming in loaded with pollen! That’s a good sign.

Last fall I planted a bunch of wild flowers to make the bees happy.

And, of course, to give me some honey.

This is me installing the nuc. Nuc stands for nucleus. It’s a starter hive of bees.


That’s a lot of bees!

If you have a good idea for a honey-giveaway contest, please post it to my Facebook page. If I use your idea – you’ll win some honey!