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Below are directions for iTunes and for iPhone/iPad.

If you have iTunes on your PC or have an iPhone it should only take you a couple minutes to do this – super easy! I’ve included step-by-step instructions with screenshots to help you subscribe, rate, and review as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or problems with subscribing, rating, and reviewing please email me, or ask me on Facebook or Twitter.
Watch this video OR follow the screenshots below.

****Click here to go to iTunes preview! ****

Using iTunes (Mac or PC)

If you do not have iTunes download it or view this video for install instructions. 

1. To write the review click here for a shortcut then click on View in iTunes (see photo).


2. If you get a popup click Launch Application which will start iTunes (see photo).


3. In iTunes click Subscribe (see photo).


4. In iTunes, click on the Ratings and Reviews tab (see photo).


5. Click on Write a Review (see photo).


6. Rate the podcast by clicking the number of stars (5 is best), enter a title for the review and then write the review (see photo).


7. Click Submit to submit the review.


Using an iPhone or iPad

1. Open the Safari browser and type in the address bar (see photo).  If you received the link via an email or text, you can just click it instead.


2. If you are prompted to Open this page in “Podcasts”? choose Open (see photo).


3. Click Subscribe (see photo).


4. Click on Reviews (see photo).



5. Click on Write a Review (see photo). You might be prompted to sign-in to the iTunes Store. If so, enter your password.



6. Rate the podcast by clicking the number of stars (5 is best), enter a title for the review and then write the review (see photo).


7. Click Send to submit the review.


8. OptionalDownload episodes to listen to the show.


Thank you for writing a review for the Financial Rock Star show. Your input helps other listeners and helps me create the best podcast on personal finance. Thank you for your support!

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