How To Send A Drop Dead Letter To Collection Agencies

If a collection agency or creditor is harassing you with phone calls or letters about a debt you dispute or a debt you owe, you can send them a Drop Dead Letter.

A Drop Dead Letter is a simple letter that tells the collection agency under the law you want them to leave you alone and stop bothering you.  However, if the debt is something you do owe, the creditor has the right to sue you and collect the money.

If the collection agency or creditor continues to call or send letters, they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Referencing the law in your Drop Dead Letter is enough to usually get them to leave you alone.

If your debt is sold to a different collection agency at some point in the future, you’ll need to start the process over again and send the new collector a Drop Dead Letter.

Use the following template and make sure to send it by certified mail.

Date:Name of Collection Agency
Mailing Address of Collection AgencyRe: Account NumberTo whom it may concern:

I have been contacted by you regarding a debt I allegedly owe.  I dispute the account number referenced above and deny any liability.  Please cancel the account immediately.

Please cease any and all further communication with me regarding this debt immediately.

Under the regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act you may not contact me further once I have notified you not to do so.


Your signature
Your printed name

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