How To Save Money On Everything! – The 6 Superhero Powers of Negotiation

I’m going to teach you the exact methods and phrases I’ve used to save tens of thousands of dollars over the years on everything from buying bicycles to dirt to magazines.

I used to be afraid of negotiating. The thought of asking a stranger for a discount or negotiating was embarrassing to me. I didn’t want to do it. You might be in the same place.

But once I started doing it and having success, I started loving it. I love getting a deal. I love posting my wins to Facebook. And I’m going to show you how to do it easily without being embarrassed or worrying about negotiating.

We’re not going to be talking about homes and cars – everyone negotiates for homes and cars. I’m talking about all the other stuff (maybe not food).

Here are some examples where I’ve had this work:

-landscape materials
-house decorations
-hardwood floor installation
-home remodeling projects
-tv service
-computer services
-business services
-the list goes on

Let’s get started.

There are two rules of negotiating you need to know.

Rule #1: You must learn to negotiate everything.

Rule #2: Don’t be afraid of Rule #1

What is the worst thing that can happen when you ask for a deal?

You already know the answer, don’t you?

They might say no.

Hearing ‘no’ is like getting a root canal, right?

No, no it’s not.

Like most things in life, we play out this scenario in our mind of what’s going to happen and what are people going to think. Are they going to be talking about me around the dinner table later that night? What will they say?

A. You aren’t invited to their dinner.
B. They aren’t going to be talking about you anyway.

Just ask. It is that simple. Just. Ask. To find out what to ask, what to say, when to do it, how much of a deal should you ask for – I’ve answered all of those questions.

And the best part for you is, I’m going to show you actual examples of stuff I’ve gotten deals on, and how I did it. By me showing you what I’ve done to save money, you’ll be able to duplicate what I did so you can save money too. And you will save money.

All you have to do is ask.

First in order to negotiate well you need to have some special powers. I’m calling them the six superhero powers of negotiation. Because it sounds so cool. The best part is you already possess all of these powers.

You’ve used them all at one time or another in your life. For negotiating you just have to use them together.

1. The power of preparation

In order to get a deal, you need to know the value of what you want to buy. If a store is having a close-out sale on a particular model of TV for $700 you’re not going to walk in and buy it for $50, right?

You need to know what you are prepared to spend, and what is reasonable to ask as a price. Deals happen when they are win-win. You win as a buyer by getting a deal, and the seller wins by getting a reasonable payment. So know the value of stuff.

2. The power of cash

Cash is still king when it comes to buying. Cash is immediate to the seller. There are no credit card processing fees. There is no waiting. Everyone loves cash. You can see it. You can feel it. It makes people’s heart beat faster.

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How I Saved Over $1,000 On Everyday Expenses

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When you walk into a negotiation and say you are a cash buyer and whip out some cash, you have power.

You will get better deals when you pay with cash – so** pay with cash**.

Make sure you have enough cash and that you have enough $5s, $10s, and $20s to pay the exact amount. You don’t want to offer $40 for a used bicycle and then ask the seller to break a $100 bill.

3. The power of patience

The best deals come to those who wait:

  • Shopping around
  • Waiting for bargain sales
  • Going to estate sales

These are all great ways to find deals.

In every negotiation time is somebody’s friend and somebody’s enemy.

What if you don’t want to wait? What if you want to buy something right now? Can you still get a deal? Yes, many times you can. I’ll share my exact negotiating scripts to ask for deals when you already have your heart set on something specific.

And these same tips apply to when you are willing to shop around and be patient. You can use these tips anytime for any situation.

4. The power of silence

Make an offer and then shut up.

There is no need to explain your offer. Wait quietly for the person to respond. If the counter-offer isn’t to your liking, my friend Jessica has one of the best responses that I like to use:

‘That’s not going to work for me’.

And then shut up again and stare intently in their eyes without blinking. If you’re on the phone with someone, just shut up.

It will be an uncomfortable silence for you. Just shut up and wait for a better price.

They might start hemming and hawing. Just shut up and wait for a better price.

It might sound crazy. Yes, it will be uncomfortable the first few times you try it. Think of it as a game, and have fun with it. Because it works.

5. The power of creativity

Price isn’t the only thing you can negotiate when you buy something.

What if a seller won’t give you a deal on a bicycle? Ask them to throw in a free helmet. A free water bottle. Something!

Ask for free delivery if it’s a heavy or large item like a new couch.

If a car dealer will not negotiate a price any lower, ask for free oil changes for the next three years.

This rule ties into The Power of Preparation. You need to know what else you can ask for in addition to a discount.

6. The power of walking away

You hold the ultimate card when it comes to negotiating – the ability to get up at any time and walk out the door. If the price isn’t good enough just leave. Most everything you will want to buy you can find at more than one store.

Walking away goes hand-in-hand with the power of patience. You must be willing to wait for a great deal. Sometimes seeing a buyer with cash walking out the door is enough to motivate a seller to make a deal.

Ok, so that’s the introduction to negotiation series. Check out my YouTube video series where I’ll be showing you stuff I’ve bought and the exact words and methods I used to save money. I’m also going to be including videos of my biggest failures, and what I did wrong, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Question: Do you have any great bargaining tips or stories? What has negotiating taught you? Please share it in the comments!

Save $1,000 This Week

How I Saved Over $1,000 On Everyday Expenses

Take this FREE 7-day challenge to learn how you can do the same

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