How to make your Instagram post go viral in 2022

In 2022 people don’t question the fact that Instagram blogging can be a full career or an addition to it – brands, companies, content creators of all kinds come here to monetize their content and find the ways to communicate with their readers and clients. This is exactly why tons of newcomers come here to find space for their profiles and their content – but today, when the niche is occupied by hundreds of talented and hard-working people, it is harder to do than before. It takes knowledge (some people even prefer hiring SMM specialists to take care of their pages, but it is not on everybody’s budget) and effort, time and energy; however, if you’d read this article and use the methods that we offer in it, you’d be able to maneuver in the sphere of social media management as if you were doing it for years! 

We will talk about free and paid instruments that you can use to make your Instagram posts go viral in 2022, including the chance to buy Instagram likes, targeted ads, PR from bloggers and commenting on other bloggers’ posts. How is it helping to develop and what tools are more efficient than the other ones? Keep on reading to find out!

What can you do for free 

Despite the common opinion that only a SMM specialist can do things right, you’re capable of reaching good results too – you’re only going to need lots of time and willingness to learn new stuff. However, the most knowledge you can learn from analyzing your competitors (the ones who have reached success, surely) and creating the “blueprints” for yourself using their data and their profile’s metrics and statistics. For example, if you want to learn when is the best time to post (it affects the number of thumbs up and comments that you can get) – follow the routine of a bigger blogger in your niche (and, preferably, from your country). Note when they are putting forward posts and how many times per day they are posting stories; all of that info will help you to create your own posting schedule which you should be strictly following. 

But we have to warn you: never blindly copy anyone, as it will lead to the complete destruction of your audience and nothing good at all. People who are loving the blogger who you’re stealing from will quickly find your content and will probably send strikes on your account, which can lead to it becoming blocked by Instagram’s tech team. So seek inspiration, but never copy; respect the intellectual property of other people. 

There are also such tools as cross-posting (telling your audiences on other social media about your new “project” which is your Insta page and inviting them to join you), commenting (leaving comments under the posts of big bloggers in your niche to communicate and interact with their audience and hopefully make them interested in your content as well) and activity chats (the chats where content creators assemble to support each other’s content, view it, like it and comment on it) – and all of those should be used in certain proportions that you find convenient for yourself. All of the free methods are time and energy consuming, so you should be thoughtful and careful with how much time you’re spending online trying to increase the subs count and how much time you’re spending on generating the content. Needless to say that you should be spending more time on generating content. 

What is available for money

Obviously enough, paid methods are going to be more efficient, quicker and will spare you lots of time. Firstly we’d like to speak about a possibility to buy likes on Instagram, as this option helps to build up the base for your profile that you’re later going to be able to rely on. For example: if you’re going to set a targeted ad from Insta later (which is also a highly efficient paid promotional option), you have to make sure that people who come to your profile from it are going to see a seemingly successful and valued profile that is interesting to many people. How do you create/support that visibility? The simplest way – by purchasing likes. It is a quick and easy method that always works and brings no harm to profile; therefore, there is no reason for you to ignore it. 

However, you should always remember that any bought service should be of a good quality – likes should come your way from real people who are keen on cooperating with the promotional services for a nice reward for their thumbs up and subscriptions; if the company operates by bots, this is not a good resource to take support from. Seek for another one; or, if you do not have time for that, use a link that we have given you in the previous paragraph. It is going to save you lots of time, effort and even some money!

After you have bought likes, it is time to use other paid options: targeted ads, PR from bloggers. Those three are a holy trinity of any efficient Insta promotion and they are definitely able to make your post go viral. So combine them together for the best result possible and remember, that none of that promotional stuff is going to work if you won’t put enough effort into generating quality content and interacting with your audience. So be there for your people and stay creative, good luck!

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