How To Make Quick Money From Home Testing Websites

You can make quick money from home by doing something you’re already doing every day – using websites. As a blogger I’ve designed and built websites for most of my adult life. An easy-to-use website critical to having successful business. So there are a lot of companies who will pay you for your time to evaluate and provide feedback on their apps and websites. Testing websites is the perfect job you can do in your free time.  Plus, it’s a legitimate way to make money from home and pick up some quick extra cash.

Rather than build the app and roll it out to users, these apps are tested for software bugs, incompatibilities, and overall user satisfaction. As a result, the user testing industry is sprawling, giving those who wish to work from an opportunity to cash in and make some easy money.

Mathematically you can make great money – $10 for 20 minutes of time is $30/hour.  But because the work is inconsistent, user testing is an easy way to make extra money from home, not build a career.

I don’t recommend anything we haven’t checked out. Here is the $10.00 payment I made by spending 14 minutes, 53 seconds providing feedback for an urgent care (pop-up hospital) website. I received the payment 48-hours after completing the task.

Making easy money from home testing websites

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How to get hired

Before you start raking in the dough being a user tester, here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Sign up for as many testing sites as you can

You won’t make a full-time income testing websites because the work is inconsistent and you won’t be eligible for every opportunity.

All of the survey sites in this article are legitimate and are a great way to earn extra money online. If you want to earn even more money sign up to take survey’s from home and make an extra $100 a month.

2. Pay attention to detail

Most of the testing sites have a sample test you take to get started where they are evaluating the quality of your work. It’s very important to do a good job or else you won’t be contacted for future testing opportunities to earn more money.  Follow the instructions very carefully.

3. Be honest

Most customers screen potential testers for the best match.

I was once screened to check if I lived in Orange County, California (I do not).

I didn’t get picked for that test.  Being dishonest can potentially hurt your chances of being selected in the future.

4. Own good equipment

When you do these tests your computer screen will be record along with your voice. Some companies even record video of your reactions. Because of the stuff recorded, you’ll need a good Internet connection. Choose wired over wireless when possible.

You’ll also want a good microphone so your audio is clear. Avoid using the built-in microphones found on laptops or monitors. Buy a cheap USB microphone that you can place close to your mouth.  Here’s a good cheap USB microphone on Amazon:

How to get started

Sign up at as many of these testing companies as you can.  The more testing companies you apply with, the more options you have to earn money.

UserTesting – The Original User Testing Site

One of the most popular user testing websites is UserTesting. If you browse the website, you’ll notice that some of the biggest names in eCommerce and marketing trust the platform. Companies include:

  • Walmart
  • Facebook
  • Airbnb
  • Apple
  • Home Depot

When you sign up, you’ll go through a process that validates your identity. After you sign up, you’ll be able to select UserTesting assignments. There’s a brief screening period to ensure that you are the target demographic for the test. Your paid up to $10 per user testing session if you qualify.

Most tests will last a maximum of 20 minutes. These are the tests that pay you $10 per session. There are smaller tests that take 3-5 minutes that pay you $3. You could realistically make several hundred dollars per month with UserTesting.

Payments get sent to your PayPal account.

Click here to sign up with UserTesting.

Userlytics – Get Paid for Interactive Website Testing Sessions

The websites you visit each and every day couldn’t exist if there weren’t exhaustive user testing performed beforehand. Userlytics is a user testing firm that provides companies with real-time feedback in regards to people who are using their websites, applications or digital products.

When you sign up for Userlytics, you’ll probably need to have a high-quality webcam attached to your computer. Most new laptops have the webcam already built into to the top of the screen. Userlytics will ask you a few pre-screening questions, and you’ll be able to start testing out website applications.

Userlytics will record your audio and video reactions. The recording allows the website publisher to get a sense for what people think about their products and how they should change them to increase website traffic. Userlytics pays $10, and each testing session lasts about 20 minutes.

When you get an email invitation for a user testing session, you’ll want to jump on that opportunity because these sessions fill up fast. When you’ve completed the testing sessions, you’ll get paid via Paypal on their predetermined schedule.

Click here to sign up with Userlytics.

TryMyUI – Get Paid $10 Per User Test

TryMyUI is on par with other UI testing websites where they are paying $10 for about 20 minutes of your time. Unlike other UI testing websites, some tests on TryMyUI are written, which eliminates any worries that you may have regarding being filmed or recorded by your webcam.

Like other UI testing websites, many of the tests you’ll be invited to take will have a maximum number of testing slots. You’ll want act quickly when new testing opportunities arise because these slots fill up quickly.

You’ll be asked to evaluate websites and mobile apps. TryMyUI will ask you short series of prescreening questions to ensure that you meet the marketer’s target demo. TryMyUI uses PayPal to make payments each Friday. There may not be a large volume of tests on TryMyUI. However, the website has always followed through on promptly paying out its users.

Click here to sign up with TryMyUI.

Userfeel – Earn $10 for Website UI Testing Sessions

Userfeel pays UI testers $10 for about 20-30 minutes of their time. The schedule varies.  Emails announce most tests. Userfeel is becoming a popular site, so some users report they can perform up to 10 tests per month.

Because of the number of tests, it provides you with plenty of opportunities to convert idle time into profit. Userfeel’s UI tests are on a first come-first serve basis, so you may want to set up an email alert for Userfeel’s testing announcements. When you navigate to this site, just go ahead and begin the sign-up process.

For most tests, you’ll need a webcam and a microphone. Most laptops have these already built in but if you don’t have one, head over to Amazon and get a high-quality webcam and mic. When you complete the user testing session, you’ll be able to receive your payouts through Paypal at the end of each week.

Click here to sign up with Userfeel.

Side Income Jobs- Get Paid to Provide Startups with Helpful Insights

When you are a startup company, customer feedback is crucial in order build your business. Side Income Jobs is a website that connects UI testers with startups.

Side Income Jobs doesn’t have a flashy website like other user testing websites. But the site operates much like other user testing websites in the fact that they contact you through email about upcoming user testing opportunities.

Side Income Jobs pays less than other user testing websites, but you might be able to gain a higher volume of user testing assignments. Side Income Jobs pays its qualified testers through Paypal on a weekly basis.

This is the one site that requires you to pay a monthly fee to join – only $4.95/month. However they guarantee you’ll make at least $100 of extra money from home in your first 30-days or they will refund your fee.  That’s a pretty good guarantee.

Click here to sign up with Side Income Jobs.

TestingTime – An option for international testers

Some of the previous testing options may not allow you to sign up if you are not in the United States. TestingTime is a UI testing program that gives some international users to ability to test unabated.

TestingTime is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Therefore, you may notice on their website that they pay out in Euros. You’ll have to check the current conversion rate because the website mentions that it pays up to 50 Euros per completed testing session.

To complete the testing sessions Skype may be required. Like always, they recommend you have a good webcam and microphone. With TestingTime, you’ll be able to perform high paying testing sessions from various locations all around the world. There is even a German version of the site. TestingTime uses PayPal to make prompt payments.

If you are located outside the U.S., check out how to make money online if you live outside the United States.

Click here to sign up with Testing Time.

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The international bestseller by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Scott Alan Turner. Choose the right accounts & investments so your money grows for you – automatically. No jargon, confusion, or pie in the sky promises. Just a proven plan that works.

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How To Make Quick Money From Home Testing Websites

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