How To Make Money Blogging

People begin a blog for all sorts of reasons. Some people need a place to vent their thoughts and feelings. Other people have expertise on a particular topic they want to share with the world. Others are looking for a way to help others. And some are looking for a way to make money blogging.

Regardless of why you are blogging, you can turn your blog into an income.

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Income for bloggers comes from two primary sources:

  1. Advertising
  2. Sales of goods or services.


Advertising comes in many forms. The most obvious are the banner or display ads that you see posted on the sidebar, header, footer, or within the content of a blog. These are called CPM ads. Many of these ads come from a banner generator.

CPM means Cost per Thousand Impressions. These are going to be more efficient if they complement your blog. If you are blogging about health and beauty, then nutritional supplements that improve your skin would be a great match.

You can find advertisers on your own if you are willing to do the legwork and negotiations yourself.

You can also go through a company like Google Adsense. Advertisers will place targeted advertisements in your sidebars with a header that says ‘Ads by Google’.

Some other options include:

You can find more ad companies by searching for CPM ads.

Product reviews

Advertising can also come in the form of reviews. Companies will often gift you a sample of their product so that you can try it and give your readers a review.

Again, look for things that are relevant to your blog. If you are writing about personal finance, then reviewing pet supplies is not targeting your audience’s needs. Companies may gift you the product as well as pay you for the review. If you need ideas to get started, search product testing and reviews to find several companies who are interested in you.

Your blog may also be sponsored or underwritten by a particular company or product. The company gains name recognition with your reader base. Your readers trust you and will be more likely to trust a business with which you are working.

Of course, be sure only to recommend products and companies you really do like.

Readers want to trust you, not be sold to by you.

Sale of Goods or Services

You have many options for the sale of goods and services through your blog.

While advertising can provide income for other companies or products, it can certainly do the same for you. You may sell products that are used or reviewed in your blog.

For example, going back to our health and beauty product. If you recommend a particular brand of supplement, sell it through your blog.

Affiliate programs

Check out the Amazon Associates affiliate program. With Amazon, if you like a particular product, and they already sell it, it’s just a quick sign up to become an affiliate marketer for the product.

Other Affiliate programs include:

Additional ways to make money blogging

Once your readers trust you and the quality of your content, they will want more. You can charge for:

  • Membership communities
  • Premium content
  • Online courses
  • Books
  • Webinars
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

These are all ways for you to extend on the content you’ve already provided and add income for yourself. Remember, they can access free information all over the internet. You must offer something valuable and unique so that it is worth the investment.


You can also write books and ebooks, expanding on your knowledge or thoughts on a topic. If there is an area of interest to your readers that you just do not have the time or space to address in your blog, writing a book is a great option. Again, because they already like and trust you, they are more likely to buy your book.


Established bloggers may find income in selling themselves, or at least their time. You may be asked, or able to apply, to speak at conferences and classes. Your blog will show your expertise and unique perspective on a topic.

How do I increase my income?

Regardless of which income source you choose, you can only make money blogging if people are visiting and reading your blog. If you have a large number of regular followers or website traffic, you can generate more income.

Advertisers are more likely to choose your blog and be willing to pay a better rate to have their products seen by more potential customers. If your blog is supporting your products and services, then you will benefit from a larger audience base as well.

The most important part of your website

Before you can make money blogging, you first must establish a blog with value.

Be confident. Have something important do say and say it with authority. You don’t have to be the world’s top expert on your subject, but you do need to have a pretty firm grasp on your subject matter.

Be original. There are going to be other blogs out there on the same topic as yours. You need to set yourself apart.

Some bloggers find their niche by being funny about a subject that isn’t usually humorous. Others will tell their story from the point of view of their cat. And some people chronicle the adventures of their children.

Share your work. Post on social media outlets, newsletter, websites, or anywhere else that you have access. Include links to your blog and short descriptions to entice them to click over and read your blog.

And share again. Just because you’ve shared once, doesn’t mean you can’t share again. If your content is still relevant, you can link back to past blogs months later. Remember, not everyone sees every post you make on social media. You may get some interest that you missed out on the first time around.

Be found. Make sure that your blog is Search Engine Optimized. You can even go one step beyond that by making sure your article contains synonyms for your primary keywords in the text. You can find programs that will help you choose highly searched keywords such as Keyword Planner.

Use graphics and pictures. Pictures will not only increase the value of your post but make it more likely to be shared as well. Use your original content or images that you have express permission to use. Many bloggers are happy to share their images if you link back to their post as well.

Share with sharers. Target audiences that are more likely to share your content. By sharing on social media, you will be seen by people that are already out there reading and sharing. Therefore other bloggers in your niche are another great ally.

Above all, have fun! This is your blog, your voice, your place to tell the world what is important to you. Show your personality. And turn your hobby into your income.

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