How to Find the Top Car Insurance Companies in Your State (Plus 2 Things You Should Know)

Finding the right insurer is a priority for any car owner, but the problem is that there are just so many providers out there, making choosing a chore.

Your best bet is to narrow down the field so that you’re only considering cover from the most respected and reputable insurance companies that serve your state. So how can you go about this, and what else do you need to know before you make a decision?

Consider what kind of car insurance you require

The first thing to mention is that certain insurers are better equipped to provide cover for customers with unique requirements, and so knowing what you need before you start your search is convenient.

For example, if you need an SR-22 insurance policy after a motoring-related conviction, it’s best to find brands that have packages made specifically for drivers in this category.

The same goes for classic car owners, performance car enthusiasts, and so on. Basically, you should realize that the quality of an insurer is subjective, based on your circumstances and not some universally applicable standard.

Compare quotes online

Price is often a priority when picking car insurance policies, and you can’t know whether quotes are competitive unless you source many from competing providers.

The quickest way to do this is via an online comparison tool, and the added advantage of this is that as you need to enter plenty of personal info to generate quotes, you’ll only see deals from insurers that operate in your state.

Ask for recommendations

Another useful strategy for finding the top car insurance companies in your state is simply asking friends, family and colleagues to recommend brands that they’ve had good experiences with in the past.

This is also a good way to learn about insurers that you should steer clear of, because people in your social circles may have had problems with certain operators as well.

Read reviews online

Lastly, if you are dead set on singling out the very best insurer for your automotive needs, looking online for professional reviews, as well as user comments, is a foolproof option.

And of course if you’re still not sure, you can always contact insurers directly, whether via email, social media or a good old fashioned phone call. That way, you’ll be able to get a sense for what the customer experience will be like if you do decide to go with them.

Do bear in mind that online reviews are used by businesses to drive growth, and this can sometimes involve a little behind the scenes manipulation. Keeping your wits about you and taking feedback with a pinch of salt is therefore wise.

Things you should know

There’s no sense in rushing in to choosing a car insurance policy, especially as there are lots of variables in play and factors to take onboard, such as:

Price isn’t everything

Sure, if you can save a few bucks by picking a cheap and cheerful insurance deal, that’s great. However, it only makes sense to do so if you aren’t making sacrifices elsewhere.

Let’s say that the least expensive quote you receive is from an insurer that doesn’t have a great reputation for customer service, or is attached to a policy that doesn’t include certain useful features, such as breakdown cover. This might make it a false economy, because if something goes wrong then you’ll be left in the lurch, which could disrupt your budget.

Your history matters

Earlier we mentioned SR-22 insurance, which is a requirement for anyone who still has a motoring conviction on their record.

This is an example of how your background and current situation are relevant to how much you’ll pay for insurance, and which provider is the best. So don’t put too much stock in third party recommendations if you know that you need a more particular type of package.

There’s also the reality that in some states, your credit score can be used by insurers to determine the prices they quote. Making changes to your finances can therefore impact car insurance costs, depending on where you live.

Wrapping up

There’s no denying that in order to find the best car insurance provider, you need to do a little research and make some decisions and judgment calls.

However, once you’ve identified the right company for you, it could lead to years of happy, affordable insurance for all your motoring needs, so the initial hard work is worth it.

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